Monday, August 27, 2012

If you met me.

If you are a regular reader you should hop on over to Bonnie's blog to see all about why I should be America's next top model.
If you are here from Life of Bon, I just want to say, welcome! 
I'm so honored to have anyone here who reads Bonnie's blog because I think she is probably one of the funniest, most awesome bloggers out there!

Anyways, I thought it appropriate to write about myself today.
First, because I usually do that.
Second, because some of you might be wondering who the heck this Tanya girl is.

I should probably tell you that I am not always the funny blogger.
I wish I could be more like Bonnie or Erin from LIY and just whip up some hilarious post out of my... off the top of my head, but that just doesn't happen to me all that often.
So I usually stick to what is natural, which is just being honest and true to myself.

So here is what I want to write about today... my true self.
The girl that you would meet in person.
Because I might be different than the girl you might be expecting.

The first thing you would notice is that I am extremely monotone. Ok, I don't know how extreme it is because I don't feel like I am, but I get told that I am all the time.

I don't express emotion very well, I'm pretty even keel. People usually make fun of me when I get excited about things because it is more like, "I'm so excited." No capitals, no exclamation marks. I get about as excited as Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. The very depressing donkey. This is not because I'm depressed, it's because I'm just not an expressive person.

Actually, sometimes I do express a lot of emotion, because I just start crying. Happy? Cry. Sad? Cry. Mad? Cry. Angry? Cry. Excited? Cry. Watching a commercial? Bawling my eyes out! This really happens people, my husband just read this and laughed and said, "Yep, sounds about right."

You might perceive me as shy, but really I like to think of it more as awkward. When I don't know what to say, I just don't say anything. And at work, when I am forced to talk to people all day, I end up saying a lot of awkward things. How do you have a good 30 second conversation with a perfect stranger? I haven't figured that out yet.

I wish I could be on Dancing With the Stars... I pretty much talk about it all the time, even on my blog. That requires either being a star or an amazing dancer... I'm working on it.

I might be one of the most fickle people you ever meet. I'm not sure if it is possible for me to change my mind more often than I already do.

I'm really dramatic. I'm sure you are wondering how dramatic a monotone person who expresses no emotions can really be? I don't get it either, but trust me it happens.

Along the lines of being dramatic, I am probably a hypochondriac. I try my best to be rational about things, but once I hear about some crazy disease I swear I have all of the symptoms. Those online symptom checker things are probably the worst invention ever. Oh, you have a headache? You probably have cancer. Runny nose? Definitely cancerous, see your doctor immediately! A normal person would think this is ridiculous and move on with their life, but I think I'm going to die!!! And have about a million panic attacks.

I am extremely impatient. When I get an idea in my head, I want to see it happen immediately! Like yesterday, I decided I want to have a desk in my living room for doing my homework on when school starts... so we went out and made a new desk. I couldn't wait for next weekend when we have a billion more hours to spend on it. Nope, I wanted it now.
(which is something I will be posting about soon!)

I just asked my husband what someone might learn about me if they met me in person, and the first thing he thought of is that I'm short. Thanks babe. But it's true, I am short, if you can't tell from my pictures. I am a whopping 5'1".  I'm telling you this now because if I meet you and you said "Wow, you're really short." I might punch you.

This one is important. I don't often laugh out loud. If I ever say "LOL" it is probably highly inaccurate. Even when I think something is extremely funny. Don't be offended if I just smile. The only way my husband can get me rolling in laughter is if he makes fun of something I do. Which, apparently, I find hilarious.

I guess if you guys stick around you will learn that I am pretty "all over the place", but that's ok with me.
I write about a wide range of things from what I did, to where I went, to what I made for dinner and what furniture I built. And then when I run out of things to talk about there is always my husband and my cats.

Maybe I will get to meet some of you in person some day! 
Hopefully you will be accepting of me staring at you awkwardly and cracking a slight smile at your jokes. 
I promise that in my head I am probably thinking about how awesome you are.
Eventually I'll loosen up.
I hope.

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