Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters

Haven't done one of these in awhile, but I'm back at it today!

Dear Car,  Please, please start having a working air conditioner. I am tired of your inconsistency and I don't want to spend $800 to get you fixed.

Dear People, Don't make fun of me, but I'm thinking about writing a book. A fictional book. Blogging is great, and a wonderful place to write, but I'm wanting to venture into the world of imaginative writing a bit. And I have always wanted to write a book.
Maybe I will never finish, and if I do, maybe it will never be published or even read by anyone other than my husband and myself, but I still want to try.

Dear Self,  You need to stop being so lazy.

Dear House,  Can we just work something out this week where you clean yourself? Thanks.

Dear Life, Just tell me where I am going to be living in a month from now, that is all I want to know!

If you would like to write some letters of your own, head on over to Adventure's of Newlyweds!


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