Monday, January 6, 2014

Some News

Hello Everyone! Well I have some unfortunate news to share today. If you've been following me on instagram or read my last blog post you know that I had been planning to do an instagram flash sale to help support Natalie and Dan's adoption. However some personal things have come up for my family which has left me with no time to make and organize my products. Due to this I'm unfortunately going to have to cancel the sale indefinitely.

I'm so sad that I am not able to help this couple out, but I know this adoption is so much bigger than me. I knew from the beginning that my little shop could not fund this entire adoption. So I'm still going to share with you guys about this amazing couple. And if you feel a desire to help here are some ways you can support them:

1. Pray for them! This is an anxious time for them as they await news about their boys!
2. Donate funds! Check out this page to find all the ways you can donate.
3. If you have a handmade business or shop, consider donating a portion of your funds and sponsoring this couple! Visit her blog or twitter to get in contact with Natalie.

I don't know Natalie or Dan. I've never met them. I got connected with Natalie via the Influence Network because I was looking for an adopting family to help support. Through Natalie's blog and instagram I have fallen in love with this little family. I can't wait to see the day when they get to bring their little boys home! Sometimes we just cannot explain how or why God brings certain people into our lives, and that is how I feel about Natalie!

I've got her here today to share a little bit about herself and some information about her adoption.

Hi, I'm Natalie. I'm married to Dan. Things you should know about us:

+ We got married 11 months after our first date. Dan was in his last year of med school, and I was in my last year of social work grad school.

+ Currently, Dan is in his first year of residency. He works in the ER departments of several hospitals in our city. I write home studies for foster and adoptive parents (and read a lot of blogs).

+ We really like exploring our city, playing Mario Kart, walking our crazy dog, and watching Parks & Recreation. (Have you seen it? So good.)

+ Our plan has always been to adopt as the main method of adding little ones (and not-so-little ones?) to our family. We planned to wait three years to do this. Because we're poor and busy, I guess.

+ God threw the best kind of wrench into our plans, and we began praying about the possibility of adopting two months into our marriage.

+ After much prayer and consideration, we were overjoyed to begin the adoption process in May 2012 at the ages of 24 and 25 with a low income and a lot of student debt. It is doable!

+ We requested one child, a boy or girl between birth and six months. Again, God had other plans. We are adopting twin 1.5-year-old boys from Central Africa!

+ These boys are the cutest. Theo is taller and heavier. He's always smiling or giving mischievous glances at the camera. Elliot seems to be shy, and he likes to suck on his index and middle fingers. He looks so apprehensive in pictures by himself, but when they push Theo beside him, he smiles.

+ Unfortunately, we've hit a lot of delays recently as their birth country's adoption process has grown and changed. We are far past the date we thought we'd have them in our arms. We tried to not hope and plan for a certain date, but we did.

+ We've had their referral for over a year now. They live in a foster home, and we are so grateful for how clearly loved and happy they are. We are gladly paying a monthly foster care fee which includes wages for the foster parents, diapers, and food. Because they've been in foster care longer than we expected, these expenses are adding up.

+ Additionally, we have one big agency payment and travel expenses. We have never let the money scare us. We trust God will provide this, as He has everything else.

+ We ache to meet these boys. But we have fought against making adoption an ultimate in our lives. It's cliché but so true: Our identity is in Christ. Not in being waiting adoptive parents. And not in being the young couple that pursued adoption quickly.

Tanya has been so generous toward us, and we're so grateful! If you'd like to get to know us more, you can do so here!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable week! Thanks for your support!