Sunday, March 30, 2014

Today marks a mile stone for me. I photographed my first wedding! Throughout the events of the day, running around, sweat, tears, achey feet and unkept itineraries (isn't that always the case?), I couldn't help but wonder if this is the first and last, or first of many weddings I will be photographing. The answer I've come to is, I just don't know.

My respect for true professional, experienced photographers has grown by leaps and bounds. I've always tried to have an appreciation for the art, and certainly for those that are skilled in it. So many people like to call themselves photographers but lack the true talent needed, especially in an event situation. That is why I steer very clear of ever calling myself a photographer. I enjoy taking pictures, and even feel like I take good photos most of the time, but being a photographer is so much more than that. Anyone who has asked me to photograph their wedding (ok, there has been two thus far) has been told very clearly, "I am NOT a professional photographer!" I am willing to take pictures, but it is very important to me to never advertise myself as something more than I am.

I'm just a girl with a decently nice camera who enjoys photography.

I'm very aware, especially after today, of my strengths and weaknesses. I'm so sad to say that I missed some very important moments during this wedding. Due to complications with my camera, equipment, poor judgement of lighting, poor preparation and planning. Which is a very distinct difference between what I do and what a true professional photographer does. They are experienced. They know the moments like the back of their hand. They are poised and ready for those very special key moments that happen during a wedding, that pass by in the blink of an eye, literally! Their skill for capturing the precise moment when the grooms eyes meet the brides for the very first time. Those are things you have to anticipate far in advance.

Paul and Sue. Oh boy, this couple, they are so darling! I was called on Thursday about possibly doing their photos after their photographer had a last minute emergency. I was so nervous to say yes, fearing I wouldn't be the right fit, that I wouldn't get the photos needed or wanted. But this couple was so laid back and happy, they were fine with whatever I could do.

I was thanked numerous times today for stepping in at the last minute. But truly, from the bottom of my heart, I have to say thank you to the Udell and Anderson families! Today has blessed me so much more than you know. It was an honor and a privilege to photograph this wedding. Thank you thank you for your patients and kindness toward me today. It made my first wedding an overwhelmingly joyous experience, and has definitely calmed my nerves about the potential of doing more photography in the future.

Hopefully this post has not made anyone fearful to see the photos I've taken! I'm very happy to report that I got a very good amount of bright, clear beautiful photos! But like I said, some opportunities were missed, which I am so remorseful about.

Over the next few weeks I will be weeding through these 3000 photos (!!!!) and hope to share a handful of my absolute favorites soon. But for now just take in this photo of the beautiful Ceremony.

To Paul and Sue, I wish you all the joy in the world for this journey you have just begun with each other. Your faith in both God and each other was touching and was felt throughout your wedding. From the small amount of time I was able to spend with your family, I have seen that you have an outstanding support system! I'm so excited for you!