Friday, August 24, 2012

A girl name Peety

Sorry I've been missing this week guys! It's been a crazy busy week for me.
I can't stay long,  but the other day I said I had more news to share and I'm here to share it!

First of all, we traded in our beautiful car! :(
We had a Volvo S40, which was my dream car! I loved it to death, but sadly it wasn't fuel efficient enough to make sense for me to drive it back and forth 45 minutes every day, so we traded her in for a Prius.
If you follow me on instagram (@tanyagrasley) you would have seen these pictures pop up this week.

We named our Prius Peety, but don't be fooled by her name, it is still a girl! 
Are we the only 20-something year olds that still name our cars?

My other news is that I will be quitting my job! I couldn't share until it was official.
I want to be able to focus on school and have that be my first priority, and my company is starting to move away from working around college students schedules, so I decided it wasn't a good fit for me anymore. I am going to look for something that is less demanding and more flexible schedule wise, but I have no job offers yet. 
It's a little scary since I already put my notice in at work, but if I don't find a job I know that we will be able to survive for awhile without my income. 
This is the first time I've ever quit a job without having another job offer, but I feel like God is telling me I need to trust Him on this one, so that's what I'm doing. He always comes through for me!

We've got lots of crazy changing going on over at my house!
Hope everyone else is doing alright out there!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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