Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to have an awesome face, and hair, and life in general.

Shirt & Hat: F21 // Jeans: American Eagle // Boots: Uggs Channing (Nordstroms) // Bag: Gap

Here is my first attempt at showing off some of my new clothes.
I'm not gonna to lie, it was an unsuccessful photo session.
My photographer (ahem, the husband) did not do a very good job.
I scrounged up these two pictures for you guys though.

But you guys aren't wondering about my clothes, are you?
You are wondering how to get great hair like that, right?
And my make up?

Here is what you do...
Spend all day wandering around a school campus,
wearing a shirt that doesn't breath very well (surprisingly),
sweating profusely from every pore on your body.
Then, after you hair is all crazy and frizzy,
pass out on the couch for 3.5 hours.
Wake up, toss a braid in it to minimize the damage.
Throw on a hat.
Smudge the raccoon eyes a little.
And, Voila! Stunning flat crazy hair.
And some radiant skin.

Another great tip?
Be long overdue for an appointment with your hairdresser.
Especially if you are like me and have enough grey hairs to feed a small army.
Wait... I'm not sure that is how that line goes?
Whatev, you know what I meant.

Anyways, on to other topics, like how my day was!
Like I said earlier, I was getting all oriented on the school front.
It went well, I walked like 18 miles, probably lost about 20 pounds, both from sweating and from the actual walking.
I had lunch with my little brother-in-law, who I will be going to school with.
And best of all, I made a friend!
She even waved at me while I was at lunch!
If that doesn't make a girl feel special, I don't know what does.
Ok, she will be my friend if we have a class together.
And if I ever see her again.
She is in the same program as me so we should have at least one class together.
I stepped out of my comfort zone a little and tried actually being nice to people.
It seems like it worked out!
Maybe I should try doing that more often?
We shall see.

Alright, I gotta go be domesticated and make dinner for the husband.
He said something about being starving...
Men! Always hungry.

Peace out ladies!
{I told you, I'm gangsta now because of my new tattoo!}

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