Monday, September 24, 2012

I'll pencil you in

Last April, when I was starting spring term classes, I decided that I needed a planner, but I couldn't find any that fit my needs. I decided to make my own. You can read all about it here.
Anyways, I got too overwhelmed with homework and never got around to finishing it.

Now here I am, a new term starting and still needed a planner!
So I decided to finish what I had started.
My very own planner :)
Designed for me and my needs.

Back cover

I did find a few planners that had all the stuff I wanted in them, but for an unbelievable price of $30!!! And they weren't even cute! You can call me a cheap-skate, you can call me whatever you like, but I was not about to spend 30 of my hard earned dollars on a few pieces of paper!!

I'm not gonna lie, this was a time consuming project. All in all it probably took me around 3 days, putting in a good 5 hours (total), give or take a few hours. I have a regular run-of-the-mill printer that doesn't do any fancy front and back printing, so I had to figure out exactly which paper to print which pages on. But, it was so worth it!

I have full months with large squares to write lots of important information in, as well as weekly pages, which have very large sections to write out all the details I need to know about assignments or events or anything else. It is a full 8 1/2" x 11" in size, which I would have preferred smaller, but I didn't want to take the extra work to either cut paper, or try to find the perfect size and then have to rescale my design.

The total cost of all my supplies was somewhere around 10 bucks.

-Paper, weight: 24lb, 500 sheets for under $7 (that was just the size of the pack I did not use all 500 sheets!)
-Spiral binding for $2.99
-2 sheets of some pretty card stock for the front and back covers, 1-2 dollars.

It's so pretty! I don't even want to ruin it by writing in it!
But rest assured that this thing is going to get used!

Alright, I'm off to fill in all my homework assignments that I was given today!
See you guys soon!

PS. Yes, I am using my new desk that we built! Hopefully I will have pictures of my new homework space up soon!

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