Friday, May 11, 2012

what I wore & friday letters

Shirt: AE {very old shirt of my husband's} / Pants, Shoes, Belt: Target / Jacket: Nordstroms / Bracelet {Necklace}: Fred Meyer / Tank Top: Old Navy / Glasses: Nine West {from my optometrist}

dear husband's shirt, I know that you are way way too big for me and maybe even a little unflattering, but I love you! I find myself wanting to wear you with everything. Maybe it is because you technically belong to my husband {but are far too small for him}, or maybe it is just because of your color. Either way, I love you and probably find excuses to wear you far too often.

dear bret {my cat}, You kill me! I'm not sure how any one thing can have so much cuteness rolled up into one. You are the cuddliest cat I have ever met, and I absolutely love it. You are such a sweetheart and are always doing the most adorable loving things.

dear carissa, I'm so blessed by our friendship and I'm so happy that we have known each other for almost 20 years!! I can't believe that. You are such a sweet and amazing person and every time I leave from our coffee sessions I always come home and tell Alex how awesome you are. Thanks for being my friend for so many years!

dear coffee, I LONG to be reunited with you. It has been far too long since I have drank a real cup of coffee and I miss it dearly. {I can't drink coffee because I am mildly hypoglycemic and even decaf makes me incredibly shaky}.

dear sun, Please don't leave us! I need you in my life!

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