Monday, May 21, 2012

"For Better, Or Much Worse"

A couple weeks ago for my English class I had to write an imaginative essay, which was basically just a poem. I enjoyed the way it turned out so I thought I would share it with you guys. Don't worry the story told is completely fictitious, I came up with it as I was writing. Hope you enjoy it! The style of poem is based off of Robert Brownings "The Duchess".

“For Better, or Much Worse”
1 “All in good nature”, she will have you believe
“For fun, for love, for laughter. And you never shall leave
Me behind.” The words she will whisper sweet
In your ear. The liaison between those words and your ears, meet
5 And leave you dead to your fears. For tomorrow shall
Be the beginning of starts. Love is everything, is all
That you dream. She is quite beautiful, I shall give you that.
Some times beauty can fool you. If that love hasn’t sat
For years and months. For sit and wait
10 It shall answer your true fears. For the long late
Sitting will certainly test. Your patients I promise
Shall pay ten fold. When the colors of your goddess
Unravel before your eyes. I have no motivation
For these words I say. Never to ruin your special occasion,
15 Would I dream. Please ignore the harshness of tone,
I also believe that true love should last. With this young lady, I own
Up to my doubts. For, “love is patient”, 
they always do say. So settle not on a life complacent,
Which is far less than you deserve. A man of your word
20 I can tell from here. A man of great valor, I have heard.
They tell me your name. It means “a calm gentle spirit 
with strength like no other”. A merit
Earning name. A prized possession you truly are
I can see. For simply living up to your bar
25 You have always done. And living beyond that has
Never once been in question. Whereas
Her character I question daily. Cold to the bone
And evil demeanor. Honestly she alone
Has been known to be angry and hurtful. Everyday for fun,
30 Is what I say. Quips at all expense
But her own. This letter has been days since
I started. To finish is not easy, quite 
Opposite really. Now I begin my fright
Please forgive me. For this letter shall find you
35 completely lost and alone. For I too
Am not there to comfort your wounds. I’m sorry my love
To leave you this way. I’m not what you’ve pictured, above
Your beliefs. You’ve thought I was perfect
With never a fault. I’m telling you now that you need to reflect
40 For maybe the actions you have seen have not been my own.
They have been yours. Yours alone,
And I am not deserving. For, quite simply, I’m beneath your honor.

By the way, I am MAJORLY stressing out about school right now!! I have three more assignments and 5 tests to do by the end of the night! Only one of which can be turned in late, luckily the hardest of all the assignments. The three assignments are not from procrastinating, those were all assigned for today. Four of the 5 tests are due entirely to my procrastination. So don't feel too sorry for me.

My current classes are honestly the heaviest work load I have ever had in my entire school career. Yuck. I suppose it is supposed to get harder as it goes, but I am barely finishing my associates, I thought I wasn't going to have this much work until next year.

Oh well. Only 2/3 more weeks and then I'm done for a solid three months! Never looked forward to my freedom this much before!

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