Tuesday, May 1, 2012

blazer and skinny jeans

Shirt- Target/ Pants- Pac Sun / Jewelry- Fred Meyers / Jacket- Nordstroms / Shoes- Target

My work and my school are both about 20 minutes away from my house, and about 5-10 minutes away from each other. So yesterday, when I had two hours between my work shift and my class, I decided to skip the extra 40 minutes of driving and went straight to school.

All this to say that, when I was leaving my shift at work, I realized I had forgotten to pack any clothes to change into. I wasn't really thrilled about wearing my work branded clothes to school.

So, naturally, I just decided to buy new clothes! Seems reasonable, right?

I totally scored this shirt and shoes for $18 bucks at Target! And, I had a great excuse to buy new clothes! ;)

On a completely different note, I'm a little irritated at the quality of these pictures when I load them up to blogger. Here's the deal- I'm taking a photography class. My teacher suggested we switch to RAW files. I have nothing against them, except that I don't have a version of Photoshop that will open RAW files for my camera. And of course, I get so excited to take my pictures, I keep forgetting to switch back to JPEG.

Moral of the story?

Make sure you have the proper software before listening to your professional photographer teacher.

Alex should be back tomorrow with the second part of our love story!

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