Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oil-Cleansing Method {OCM}

Have you heard of this?

I just found a pin on pinterest for a homemade Oil-cleanser... made from oil.
I thought this was a little weird, and I had a hard time believing it would actually work.
But, after spending some time reading a few different articles, it seems like using oil to get read of oil on your face is really the best method. Since, we all know that water and oil don't mix.

Anyways, Alex has been having a bit of an acne problem (sorry babe, I totally outed you!), which we are trying to figure out how to get rid of. It is kind of random because he has never really had acne until about a month ago, at least not since I've known him.


I think we are going to try this, with flaxseed and extra virgin olive oil, because those are the kinds of oils I have on hand. Read all about it over at the Simple Mom blog.

Tell me what you think! Have any of you tried this method before?

PS. Sorry, the content on the blog is a little lackluster lately. I'll have time to actually write a proper post soon!

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