Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm moving out!

Just a quick post to tell you that, I'm pretty sure I need to move out of my house.
Like ASAP.
There is a spider.

I'm not just talking about your regular everyday spider that is little and you kill it and that's that.
Nope. I'm talking about a stalker spider.
I came out of a nice relaxing shower yesterday, opened my bathroom door to go to my bedroom, and there he is.
Sitting on the ceiling, staring into the bathroom.
So naturally, I run as fast as I possibly can without removing my eyes from the ceiling.
And what does that spider do?
Yep. Follows me.
Crawls along the ceiling and waits right outside my bedroom door.
And this isn't just a little spider.
He is big, but not just big, he has FAT legs, especially the front ones!

After I'm done getting ready, I run out of my room, he just keeps following me.

A few hours later, I go to look for him.
Don't see him, so I just tap on the wall to see what he does.
Of course that creepy bug comes out of no where, because he realizing that I am back.
Then he goes missing for a few hours.

Last night I REFUSED to go to bed until that guy was dead.
We literally searched everywhere, but we couldn't find him.
So, I leave my light on, and don't go to sleep until he shows up.
I'm not even kidding you.
Like an hour after we go to bed he {or at least I thought it was him} comes crawling out right above our bed.
I wake up my husband.
He kills the spider.
I feel slightly better {still feeling like there could be another one out there}.
We go to sleep.

The end?... I wish.

Just now I was changing out of my work clothes, and out of the corner of my eye see a black thing moving around on my curtain rod.
I swear it is the same spider.
The one that we killed didn't quite look as fat as this one, but I thought I was just delusional because it was nearly 2am.
The spider I just saw is a fatty one.
He has big "muscular" front legs.
I stood up on my bed to see him a little closer {with shoe in hand because I can not let him get away, especially not in my bedroom!!}
And what does that little beast do?
He looks right back at me!
Stops crawling, sits right on the edge of my curtain rod, and stares at me.
I promise you I am not lying.
But I didn't kill him.
Because, how the heck do you kill a giant spider on a curtain rod without making it fall on you?
I'm not sure of the answer to this question.
Thus, I'm packing my bags.

Alex, call me when you are sure this thing is dead.
I know he is after me.

PS. I swear I'm not crazy, although it may seem like it after this post.

PPS. I just did a little bit of research and I'm pretty sure it is a "daring jumping spider" I didn't see any whitish gray hair, but I've honestly tried not to get that close to him.
Behavior: It's a hunter that likes to crawl on vertical surfaces using a line of thread as a safety line. It stalks and pounces on small insects. It may jump if startled. It has extremely good eyesight for a spider, and may sit back on its haunches and raise its head to look at you. I noticed mine raising its two front legs and feeling its way (or was it some kind of display?) {source} 

Daring Jumping Spider

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