Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why my husband should never be allowed to hold a camera

So sometimes this is what my life looks like:
Me (just getting home from buying a new item of clothing): Hey babe, you know what this means??
Alex: What?
Me: We need to take pictures! So I can do an outfit post!!
Alex (with uncontainable excitement): Oh... goody...

Tank: Roxy (from PacSun last summer) | Shorts: TJMaxx

And then I end up with pictures like this....
As if my neighbors didn't think we were weird enough. Maybe we redeemed ourselves after this display of awesomeness.

I'm pretty sure this is the worse picture I have ever taken.

These are literally poses that he has asked me to make...
Ok, ok, the second and third ones are me pretending to be a model after he told me to run my hands through my hair while he snapped like a gazillion pictures.
Beautiful, huh? I'm pretty sure I should be on America's Next Top Model. Just sayin'.

Also... I think I am beginning to see why my IRL friends think I'm weird. 
Yes, yes I did just post some awful pictures of myself for the whole world [wide web] to see.
What of it?
(And for you non-bloggers IRL stands for In Real Life).

And now that I have made a complete fool of myself, I'm off to watch last nights episode of the Bachelorette. See ya!

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