Friday, July 20, 2012

Over coffee

With Nicole!
I wish that this was truly an "interview" that I had over coffee with her! Nicole and I found each other through the Bloggers Coast to Coast (over at Whispering Sweet Nothings) and discovered that we live pretty darn close to each other! And of course I pretty much fell in love with her from the moment I set eyes on her blog. She is super sweet and funny and just seems to have such a genuineness about her that I truly admire! Is there such a thing as a blogging soul mate? Because I think I just found mine!

We decided to do a little Q&A deal and ask each other some questions to get to know each other better, and so you guys can get to know us better too!

SO, here are the questions she asked me, and when you're done, head on over to Nicole's blog to check out her answers to my questions!

1. Why do you blog? Is it to memorialize your life as a newlywed, or to share something with your readers?
I kind of blog for all sorts of reasons. I like to have a place where I can look back at the different experiences I have had with my husband, but I also just really love being able to share a little piece of myself with anyone who is willing to listen read.

2. What is your favorite activity to do when you have "only Tanya" time?
Recently I've discovered a love for shopping by myself. I used to hate shopping by myself and I always felt like I needed someone there to keep me company. Now, however, it has given me that little time of independence that I need. I can buy whatever I want (with the specific budget we have both agreed on) and I don't have to feel restricted by someone else being bored or wanting to go to a different store, or taking much longer to look at clothes than I do. I can just do my thing. It's so wonderful and freeing!

3. What are you going to school for and has it been your life long dream to do what you're doing?
I am studying nutrition! It actually has not been my life long dream to be a nutritionist. Actually it has really only been a recent discovery that this is something that I enjoy. I just can't imagine doing anything else. It just fits me and my personality. I've always been that annoying person (or I should say sibling and daughter) that knew when things were unhealthy for you. And the person who always says how bad processed foods are for you (which I think is the one that annoys people the most). Don't worry, I've gotten a lot better about not giving people my opinion if I know they don't want it!

4. Music - what is your favorite genre, band, singer? Why?
I think all of my favorite music is done by my husband. He is a musician/ audio engineer (the people that record all the music) and I really love to listen to what he does. It has been really cool to see him improve so drastically in such a small amount of time. Plus I just love to hear him sing. He has a "band" page on facebook if you want to check them out! The Beardsmen- Yes my husband does have a pretty awesome beard that he is very proud of. And call me crazy but I love it!

5. What is one guilty pleasure item that you absolutely, cannot and will not give up?
I would have to say napping. Is that a lame answer? Because if it is then I am totally lame. I love taking naps, but I do have to give them up fairly often. Just as long as I can get one in every now and then (like every other day) I'm a happy camper.
 {Does anyone other than 85 year olds say happy camper?? Well, I guess I just did!}

6. Are there kiddos in your future? In your perfect world how many would you have and when?
This is a loaded question for me. I have been thinking about writing a post all about this because it is so controversial, but Alex and I are actually considering not having children. Someone actually choosing not to have kids?? I know, it's weird. I have lots of reasons, all of which I will have to answer at a different time. There are no definite plans either way for now. At the moment the plan is, if we have them we will be happy, and if we don't we will be happy. I do know that it is not something that I want to plan.

7. You have unlimited funds and 6 months to take the trip of a lifetime - where do you go and who would you take with?
I would go to Europe and obviously take my husband. And only my husband! I would love to travel to so many places over there, specifically: London, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, and pretty much anywhere else that sounded amazing.

8. Is there a specific Bible verse, poem stanza or song lyric that just gives you chills every time you read or hear it?
What God has joined together, let no man separate. -Mark 10:9
I love this verse! I actually found it a few years ago while someone close to us was going through a separation. I was praying for them a lot and happened upon this verse. Ever since it has held such deep meaning for me. Alex and I are actually considering getting tattoos like these ones.

9. Have you ever done any extreme sports: skydiving, bungee jumping or anything of the like?
Never. Ever. And I don't think I ever will. When I was younger I was a lot more daring and I did this thing at "Thrillville", a local [small] amusement park of sorts, where they crank you up to like a million feet in the air (probably closer to 100 ft) and then drop you and you just swing from this tiny cord thing. I'm sure their is an exact name for this contraption, but I don't remember. Anyways, that thing was intense! I'm pretty sure I nearly peed myself. Which would have been very unfortunate for the other two girls who were strapped in with me!

10. Everybody's got 'em... tell me one of your totally irrational fears (you know, like you can't sleep with your toes over the edge of the bed because some crazy monster might pull you under the bed and suck out your brains... that kind of fear).
Well... this is more of a phobia, but I absolutely hate barnacles!! Like hate hate HATE them!! Honestly just thinking about them makes my skin crawl! akldjfaoidjfk I'm grossed out right this second just thinking about them!
Don't ask me why. It is an unexplainable mystery!

Alright guys! Go check out her blog for me please! Trust me, you wont be disappointed!

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