Monday, July 16, 2012

Some instagrams and a weekend recap

Last Thursday morning I left for a nice little vacation with my in-laws.
It was a lot of fun. We stayed in a house near Pinehollow Lake/Reservoir out in eastern Oregon. 
If you have ever come to Oregon you should really explore eastern Oregon a bit, it is gorgeous out there!

Here are some intagrams/ pictures I took while we were gone.
And if you have instagram be sure to find me @tanyagrasley!

White River Falls

A message from Chiquita

Tanning with my little SIL

I had two goals for this summer, the first was to get in better shape, and the second was to get a tan...
Thanks to this weekend I am well on my way to the tan goal!
BTW, the super tan girl on the right is not me.
She also kept saying how white she was all weekend... apparently she was blinded by my whiteness to see properly.

Hanging out by the lake.
My in-laws brought their family dog, Sammy, who is probably one of the cutest golden retrievers I've ever met. 
Alex playing with Sammy.

My MIL getting shakin' on by Sammy.

And then we had a beautiful drive home.

 Now I just need a few days to recover from my vacation,
and to heal this nasty little sunburn I was left with!

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