Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas time is here....

All I really want to show you today is some freaking awesome pictures of my house all decorated and cozy looking for christmas. But the truth is, my house is not completely decorated yet!  All I have up so far is my tree, stockings, and some old christmas cards! I feel like I'm so far behind, but everyone else in my family waits to get their tree until the week before Christmas, so I guess I'm not so bad, right?

I plan to have a lot more things finished today and tomorrow. Which means that I need to get off my computer, pull out the sewing machine, and get to work! (And stop looking on pinterest...)

Here are some inspiration pieces I found to get me in the holiday mood:



(tree skirt) via
And a whole lot more if you want to look at my Christmas board!

I have a tree picture, but it is so much less inspiring than all the beautiful ones I am seeing on other blogs! 
I'll just wait until I'm done with everything and maybe it will look better.

Am I the only one that hasn't finished decorating yet?

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