Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

I can't figure out a way to write this post without making it sound like a Scentsy or Walmart sponsored post... Because I assure you it isn't. I'll attempt to tell it anyways.

Last night the Huz (thats what I call him, I like it better than "hubs") and I took a little trip to Walmart to get all those last minute supplies I didn't realize I needed, for a project I didn't realize I was going to do. Sometimes when we make a trip to the store (especially this store) we pick up all the things we have been thinking of getting for awhile, that way we can put off coming back for as long as possible. We also sometimes wander around the store to see what kinds of things they have. It's sort of like "hey, I've been wanting one of these [insert random item here], let's see what quality Walmart has, we are here anyways." And last night was no exception.
I'm not trying to be a snob and say I am too good for Walmart, but I will pay more for something that is better quality. If I am going to buy something, I don't want it to break a month after I bought it. And let's face it, Walmart doesn't always have the highest quality items. Am I right?
We happened to wonder down the "fake Scentsy" isle and decided to see what kinds of scents they had. (We have cats, our house smells bad sometimes). Let's just say we spent way longer than we should have on that isle. We would each smell a scent, followed by nearly throwing up, and then smell something else. We probably should have given up, but we thought surely they had to have one that smelled good. Honestly, I was completely nauseous by the time we left the store. Thankfully, we found one little gem in the millions of scents that we smelled.

I'm smelling it right now and honestly, it is like Christmas cinnamon heaven. And it was only $2.00. 

The moral of this semi long, somewhat pointless story is... if you want to buy some knock off scentsy scents from Walmart, be sure to carry a plastic bag with you. Or just pick up this scent. They may sound like they are going to smell awesome, but honestly they smell like that dessert in your fridge from last Christmas that got shoved in the back and you forgot to throw it out. Which is only a slight exaggeration.

Now I'm off to finish some more Christmas decorations.

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