Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bye bye FB! Hello productivity!

I'm back, as promised! Actually I didn't promise anything, but I came back anyways! I like you guys too much.

If you read my last post you know that I took a little break from blogging last month. For some time I've felt a lack of motivation. Not just for blogging but for a lot of other areas in my life. I've just felt drained, a little confused about where I am at in life, and confused about how to get where I want to be. I needed some time to step back and breath. Not to feel so bogged down by pressure. A pressure that I have definitely put on myself, to make this a place worth visiting.

Of course we all want followers. We all want to know that we are putting something out there that other people enjoy reading. But I got a little ahead of myself. I wanted to "run with the big boys" and a lot sooner than I think I am actually ready for. I'm still trying to figure out how to fit this blogging thing into my daily life, I'm not ready for a thousand followers (because I'm getting so close, ya know?)

It was a good month off. Honestly, the day after I wrote my last post I wanted to write a new one. About some random thing in my life I'm sure. That was a confirmation for myself that I wasn't done with blogging. Not even a little bit (because I did consider deleting it... GASP! I know).

In the last month I discovered something really important. Something that I have known for awhile, something that I can no longer deny. It's time for me to delete my facebook.

This might seem like something small to you (or something huge depending on who you are), but to me... it is medium. I have a love/hate relationship with facebook. As I think many of us do. I hate hate hate that I waste so much of my time on there. Talk about a motivation killer! But I love to read about what is going on in other peoples lives. I love to see everyones pictures. You could also say I love finding out about people's gossip. Hey, I am human! 

In January I wrote a post outlining some of my goals for 2012. And in it I wrote this:

"Delete Facebook. This is my last goal. It really ties in with all of my other goals because do you know what I am often caught doing (by my husband, of course) when I should be or want to be doing any of the above things? Reading Facebook. Horrible, I know. I just get so sucked into finding out what people are doing where they are going what they are wearing. UGH. It is bad, and I have really thought hard about deleting it for awhile now. It wasn't until I read a post someone wrote about it that I really felt convicted and decided enough is enough, I just need to bite the bullet and do it... soon. I did delete the app off my phone and this has helped tremendously already. My husband is even noticing a difference. I've kept it mostly just to keep people updated on my blog updates, but I just started a page just dedicated to my blog so people can still follow and I can delete my personal page."
Long story short, I did start a page for my blog. I did delete my facebook app. I did spend several months not having much activity on my page at all. And then I went back to school. And all the time that I should have been spending studying, cleaning my house, or doing anything at all that is productive, I spent on facebook. All that time that I had spent not caring about that stuff went out the window. Oh and even though I deleted the app and never re-downloaded it, I just get on to it from the browser on my phone. I'm right back where I started.

I keep giving myself excuses why it's ok that I keep it. I need to stay in touch with people. I just added that friend, that would be confusing if I deleted it right now. As long as I delete it by the end of the year it will be ok. And well, here we are. Less than 30 days until 2013. And I've still tried to give myself some excuses. One valid one was that I couldn't figure out how to delete my personal page and keep my blog page open.

I've come up with a solution. And it involves any of you guys who are my "fans" on facebook page. Basically the only way to do it is to convert my "personal profile" into a "facebook page". Which are apparently different. All of my current friends will then become "fans" and my current blog page will then be deleted. You may be thinking, what's the difference, but there actually is a big difference. For one, I wont have that endless stream of wall feed to spend hours reading about people I don't even talk to. I probably wont spend nearly as much time updating my page or writing new update statuses, because I don't think my blog followers care about the traffic on I-5.

I will officially be converting my page over on wednesday. For anyone that isn't friends with me on FB, all that means is that, if you want to continue to receive FB updates, you'll just have to "like" my new page, which I will have a link for after everything is converted.

For all of my "friends" who don't want to read my blog, well just "unfriend" me or "unlike" my page after it is converted. It is that simple. I wont be offended. I probably don't talk to you anyways.

Hopefully I'll spend my month off from school and work being productive. More on that later.

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