Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dresser, Before & After

So this weekend we took some time to paint this dresser that we got about two years ago. It was a craigslist find. Lovely reddish brown with ugly handles.


Broken drawers.

New porcelain knobs and silver pulls

These next pictures are a little shameful... Don't judge me.

We have ugly carpet :(. We are renting so we have an excuse. I hate showing pictures of our rooms simply because of the carpet. The downstairs has nice carpet, the upstairs however does not. We almost didn't want to move in just because of the carpet (it was installed after we had agreed to move in). If my landlord happens to see this: I'm sorry! We just aren't brown carpet people and it makes it very hard to decorate.

We tried to cover up with a few rugs, but they are expensive and never big enough. We might buy another one of these from Ikea just so it covers a good portion of the room.

We made these crates and I had them on the wall, but I took it down to use it on top of the dresser. put some books, a ball jar and an old picture I took in high school for a photography class. This is my old dog Tilly. She was such a good dog. She passed away a few years ago. RIP Tilly.

Mine and Bret's (our cat) view from the bed. Much better and more complete. Eventually I will have a whole before and after of our entire room. Once it is finished of course.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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