Friday, April 13, 2012

Doing "homework"

I've been lacking a little bit of inspiration for my blogs as of late. Every time I think, "I should write a new post," it is followed by, "actually... I should probably work on some homework."

And for those of you that don't know, I'm back in school fulltime again after nearly three years off.

Why didn't anyone remind me how much work this is?!? I have like 4 assignments due every Monday, and others due throughout the week, and this is only the second week of the term.

On the plus side though! All this homework has giving me the inspiration for my newest project... which is turning out pretty awesome.

Here is how the inspiration came to me...
"I need a planner."
Drives to Office depot
Pick up, flip through, pa ruse through millions of planners
"This one is PERFECT!"
 See price tag
 "W.T.F." (FYI-I don't like to cuss too much but I am addicted to acronyms.) 
"$18.99!! For a few pieces of paper?? I'll just make my own."

Other people may not think that is expensive (Although, I'm not sure how??), but honestly, this was the skinniest little planner that I have ever seen! And I really liked it because it had full calendar pages that were big enough for me to write in. However, I am way too cheap to pay 20 bucks for some paper. So instead we spent 20 bucks buying a new ink cartridge (which we needed for many other printing jobs) and I have set out to make my own planner!

I'm so excited to have a planner that is perfect for me! Not just one of those lame ones that have all this extra junk that I don't need. I'm planning (pun intended) to make some free printables out of this guy incase anyone is interested. I should be done with it by the end of the weekend!

BTW, (See, I told you I'm addicted) I'm supposed to be working on homework right now.

Shhh! Don't tell Alex! ;)

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