Friday, April 27, 2012

First Friday Letters

I love this link up idea from Adventures of Newlyweds. Writing letters to inanimate objects {as well as people} is kind of one of my favorite things to do.

So here we go!

dear friday, Thank you for coming so quickly! I'm not sure I could handle another day of work, because 3 days is just way too much work for me.

dear blog friends, Really? No comments on my ridiculous post yesterday? Not even to tell me that I am crazy, or weird or that you don't want to be my "friends" anymore? I was pretty embarrassed to write it and, well, I would have continued to feel like a blogging failure had it not been for my RLF {real life friends} who forgave me simply because it was a dream.

Which brings me to:
dear rlf {real life friends}, Thank you for not thinking I am crazy, and finding the humor in my absolutely ridiculous dreams!! Because of you I may continue to post some more of those puppies. There are plenty more where that one came from. Although I think that may have been the most outlandish. These things really happen to me people! I would not make this up! I don't enjoy being a freak, it just happens.

dear husband, Thanks for not judging me for being obsessed with my blog yesterday. Sometimes I just have those days {or weeks}. I promise not to be obsessive this weekend and spend lots of time with you! Well, at least while I am taking breaks from my homework.

dear homework, You forgot to inform me of how unbelievably time consuming you were going to be. I'm gonna have to ask you to cut yourself back a bit, you are really getting in the way of my blogging life. And my personal life. And my precious weekends. And... well, just life in general.

dear english teacher, Why do you hate me? I can not spend 50 hours a week on your homework. I need to pass my other classes and have to have a life too. I'm sure you remember what that was like. Plus, if you didn't give us so much homework you wouldn't have to grade so much homework! This seems like a fair trade to me.

dear someone who shall remane nameless, I'm pretty sure you were sent to this earth to torture me and my husband and everyone around us. If you could just tone down the crazy a few notches that would really make my life a lot less miserable.

dear erin {from liy}, How are you so awesome? Ever since I found your blog I can't wait for you to write a new post. You are probably the funniest blogger/person that I have ever read/met. Teach me how to be cool like you.

The End.


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