Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Yesterday when I came home from work this was waiting for me on my doorstep...

My husband in his slippers to the right.

Yep, I ordered the Ugg boots I wanted!! It is like christmas all over again! They were a little over my budget so I am just going to justify and say, they are an early birthday present and a late Christmas present, and I'm paying for part of them out of my own personal spending money (yeah, we have a budget for that).

Now you know how I've said that I am not a photographer? Well my husband really isn't one, like really really. This is our conversation while he was taking pictures of my boots (a lot of pictures at different angles like he is a professional).

Me: "Umm, babe? What are you doing?"
Alex: "I'm taking pictures"
Me: "Ok... But why are you kneeling down?" 
Alex: "I thought's how photographers did it?"
Me: "Ok. Well if you are going to take pictures on the floor at least make sure nothing ugly is in the background."
Alex: "It's fine. (a few seconds later) Oh wait... this one has a sock in it."

The picture above actually has a different sock in it that he failed to notice also. I think I was stepping on the first sock and it was clearly a focal point in the picture. I suppose it was somewhat my fault, but I wasn't necessarily modeling at this point, mostly just enamored with my shoes, so can you really blame me?

There you have it, my new boots :)
I'm still not totally set on keeping them, they were a little expensive, and I'm not sure I love them enough for the price that they were. We'll see. Maybe I will return them and get an awesome camera so I couldn't take bad pictures even if I wanted to. Or maybe I will get a Ninja (the blender). Or maybe I will wear them and realize that I love them. :)

Also as part of my goals for 2012, which I need to write a post about, one of my goals is to do more link up parties so these are the ones I'm linking up to.

Feel free to link up too! I'm going to try to do this every week.

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