Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ana White

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So you know all those building projects we have done? Like our dinning room table (found here, here, and here) and the one we made for our friends? And our entry way table? Those were all inspired by this amazing and talented furniture designer, Ana White. I really hope most of you have heard of her already, and if you haven't her blog is a must read. She comes up with amazing designs for all kinds of things and posts plans on how to make them. Our first table was inspired by her Farmhouse Table design. After those projects, we just tweaked it to make all of our other tables. 

Just from our little experience with all these tables we have learned new skills and because of that we've been able to design projects of our own (some to be posted in the nearish future). We still reference her site from time to time to figure out how to do a certain technique, or for more complicated plans that we can't figure out on our own. 

For anyone interested in building your own furniture, if you haven't already, please check out her site. It will give you lots of amazing ideas and the motivation you need to get to work. And, she makes it all look so easy. (Warning: sometimes projects are more frustrating that it may seem, but always always worth the effort.)

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