Thursday, January 12, 2012

iPhone Photography

So I know that the pictures I post usually suck because, lets face it, I'm not a photographer. But For Christmas my husband got me something pretty awesome, lenses for my iphone. :)
These were actually on my wish list on pinterest and my husband tracked them down and ordered them for me. Awesome. They are a lot cheaper than buying a new camera, and I don't want to waste money on another camera unless it is an awesome one. Here are a few of my pictures I thought turned out pretty cool.
Hand stamped candles, Macro lens

Husband's eye, Macro lens

Hand stamped candles I made for presents, Macro lens

Profile of my husbands eye, Macro lens

Name tag for my sister-in-law's present, Macro lens

Lemon sugar scrub I made for one of my presents, Wide angle lens

Sewing Machine Macro lens

Sister-in-law's present, Macro lens
These are all unedited, so I think they turned out pretty good, considering I'm not a photographer, and I was using my iphone. Obviously the Macro lens is my favorite, I will need to play around with them a little more and see what results I can get from my telephoto and wide angle lenses. Maybe now I can take some pictures that are actually decent to look at... We'll see.

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