Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Necklace & Top: Charolette Russe || Jeans: Banana Republic || Wedges & watch: Target || Bracelets: F21
I'm so happy it is summer! Ok I guess there are still a couple of days for the official season to start, but being out of school is good enough for me. For the first time I won't have a job or school this summer. I feel kind of spoiled  very privileged. Hopefully that doesn't mean that I will be sitting on my bum watching TV and eating bon bons (not that Ella would even let me do that). I have lots of projects I need to get done and start making our house look pretty, and most importantly organized.

I'll be back tomorrow to show you the work in progress that is our new home and the plans that I have for everything. It is still a rental so there will be no renovations, just working with what we've got and giving it our own personal touches.

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