Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our home in progress | Living room

As I've said, we just recently moved into a new home. Now that I am out of school I can finally get to decorating everything and working on some big projects. I'd like to show you the whole house and the projects I have planned, but we will just start with the living room. The room that probably needs the most work.

Some things to note: 1) we are clearly not even close to finishing decorating, thus the drill on the shelves.  2) we are getting a new tv that I am hoping to mount to the wall, at least eventually. 3) our living room looks huge in these pictures but keep in mind I had to use a wide angle lens to shoot these.

The painting and sewing of new slip cover may take awhile as these are the most expensive and time consuming projects (aside from the new tv). I picked out a nice soft gray that I would like to paint the walls with. And as you can see my cats have decided to destroy our love seat, which is why I am planning to recover it. Everything else I'm planning on doing is easy and cheap.

 I love this coffee table (Liatorp from Ikea) but we don't have $200 to spend so we would like to build something similar, minus the glass insert. I expect it to cost no more than $50. Side note: we often like to build our own furniture when we see something we like but can't afford. We also made that side table in the first picture with the globe on it.

As you can see everything is beige right now. Hopefully I can change that and bring in more color. I can't wait to start making some progress!

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