Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where I've been

This is what I looked like when Alex came home from work yesterday.

It might seem like I am sleeping,
but in reality I am just thinking really hard about my epidemiology paper.
I promise....

It was actually a paper for my public health class about epidemiology, but I just feel like it sounds smarter to say epidemiology paper.

 I know I was MIA all last week, for which I apologize for. School has been kicking my booty. 
Which is great, I wanted a challenge. I just forget that challenges can actually be... challenging.

And since I have nothing good to write about today, I will leave you with these three completely random pictures. The last one is my favorite.

I got that blue dress at a garage sale for a dollar. Yep, $1.

My baby, Bret.

See you later folks! Hopefully I find something good to write about soon.
Which would probably be a little easier if I actually starting thinking of things to write about.

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