Friday, October 19, 2012

How to annoy your husband :)

Yay! I'm writing my second post for the week! I'm so proud of myself.
Yep... life is crazy.
And here is what it has looked like recently via my Instagram:


Meeting my friends adorable kitten!!

A girls night! (Sara got cut out!! She is adorable so you really are missing out.)

More girls night.

My niece asked me to be one of her bridesmaids!

Rain.... no surprise there.

Nail date with my sisters and the most adorable niece ever!

Our nails :)

Like I said most adorable niece ever!

And me, annoying the crap out of Alex while I sing along to my music while doing my homework :)
^^This was really happening.

Since the beginning of this term we have discovered that I may be an external processor. Typically while working on my chemistry equations I find myself making up songs about them... it goes something like this,

6.022 x 10^23.... the 23rd.... the 23rrrrrddddd moooolllleeeessss of Siiiillllvvvveeeerrr
times, times, times, times
11 mollleeessss of siiiillllvvvvveeeerrrr

Ok, I completely made that one up on the spot, but you catch my drift. 
But this is really helping me study, I decided during my next midterm (just had my first one last night!) I'm going to sing about all the calculations I do, and I will for sure get an A!
And kicked out of my test.
which would lead to an F.... Hmmm
Plan B. Sing in my head, and dance.

Alright, I gonna go have some down time, sipping on my nice warm cup of earl grey tea and catch up on the New Girl!
And then back to homework so I can have another girls night!!

Have a great weekend friends!

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