Friday, June 15, 2012

Guess what?

I'm finally done with school!!!!

Ok,ok.... just for the term. This was my little BIL's graduation.

Look how cute they are! Alex and his little brother and sister.

I'm soooo happy to be done! you have no idea what a relief this is (ok... maybe you do). As of last wednesday I had to complete somewhere around 25 assignments, most of which were due by Monday! So you could say I was a little stressed. Thus far I know I have an A and two B's, and I'm just crossing my fingers that my last grade is an A!

Anyways, I'm sure you were all dying to read about my grades and assignments and all that (please note my sarcasm), but lets leave all those troubles behind us!.

Now that I have 50 extra hours on my hands... ok more like 20... here are some topics to come up in the near future:

  • Finishing our love story {part 1 & part 2}
  • An update on the whole anxiety and counseling issue
  • Some craft and building projects {yep! I craft and build things!}
.... I'm drawing a blank on allll the things I have been dying {literally dying!} to blog about. It has taken some serious will power to work on homework rather than write a blog.

In other news: Today is my second blogiversary!!! Yay!!! Although my blogging really never picked up much until this last January, I actually have had a blog for two years now. Man how time flies!

In honor of my blogiversary (is it blogiversary or blogaversary??) I wanted to write about a topic that I had written about in my very first blog, marriage!


..... I just can't bring myself to think right now.

I'm sorry.
It is beautiful outside.
I'm actually dressed kind of cute... at least more than I have in the last month.
And I want to go shopping. (duh!)
So, I think I will post about that another day. (no promises!)
I have cute clothes to go buy!
And I feel no remorse because I know each and every one of you would do the same!

Since I know all you millions of readers were just dying in anticipation of my blogging return, take this opportunity to read my first blog. Because, if I ever get around to it (which I actually have time for now), I will be posting a second edition of what I have learned about marriage since that day two years ago. Fun, huh?

Ahh, happy to be back! See you guys soon!

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