Thursday, September 12, 2013

I love love

Sweater & Jewelry: F21 // Skinnies: H&M // Wedges: Target // Glasses: My eye doctor (because I really do wear prescription lenses unlike all the other posers.)

I took these pictures in hopes that maybe some day soon I can actually comfortably wear a sweater. Have you read my about page? "Every day that I can wear a sweater is a good day in my book." I actually meant that. We are getting some strange weather here right now and sweaters have not been in my daily wear. It has been deceivingly hot out for the past while. Deceiving because I wake up to wondrous clouds that trick me into thinking I can wear a jacket out on my walks and lay around in sweaters all day, when in reality it is 99 degrees and as humid as ever. Ok it is no wear near 99, but it is hot and that is my point.

Anyways, I'm not sure how this post ended up being about the weather. Let's talk about jeans shall we? Does anyone else have a nearly impossible time finding good skinny jeans? They are either too stretchy,  I buy them a size too small they shrink in the dryer, they aren't the right color, etc... Insert these jeans. I'm not all about the light wash, but I love the color on these ones. Other than being about a million inches too long, they are great. I love the way they fit. I wore them to a buffet this weekend and I didn't leave feeling like I needed to change the instant I got home. I could probably lay around the house all day in them and be comfy. As a bonus they were actually less than 20 bucks! H&M was having a by one get one half off sale, so I also got them in black for 10 bucks.

Now if only fall would come...


  1. I liked your comment about actually needing glasses unlike "posers". lol! I'm someone who needs glasses but ignores that unless I'm driving and the law requires me to wear glasses.
    Good fitting skinny jeans are hard to find. I tend to have the problem of overesimating and buying them too large...and then they stretch out and are baggy and will only stay up with a belt. I think I have one pair that really fits well...and they are slightly too short!

  2. ohhh I love that sweater - I want it...and ironically today feels like the first day off fall from where I am! lol. I've got leggings on and a few windows cracked - ending it with the fair tonight. anyways, seriously loving your blog - I'm new here and new to following :) by the way, Rachel, the comment above, she rocks! lol. you can so tell her I said that - she knows.
    and as far as glasses go - I pose, sometimes...I pose when my eyes are swollen and I am forced to be around people :/ I feel like the lenses cover them...however, I am SUPPOSED to wear them but I think my eye sight is perfect - I guess I've kept them for those days I need to cover my eyes. ha. does that even make sense? lol

  3. you are just too cute!!! :) P.S. Mind if I ask how you edit your pictures? I am needing to take that jump and do more editing!


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