Tuesday, September 17, 2013


You guys know I'm heading off to the Influence Conference (next thursday!!) right? If you can't tell, I am extremely a little excited. 

Like I said a few months ago, I am paying for this trip with proceeds from my shop. As successful as my shop has been, I still haven't paid off my trip yet due to a lot of unforeseen business costs (bt dubs, owning a business is expensive). So in a last ditch effort I'm having a one day only sale! This Wednesday my etsy shop will officially be in vacation mode and I will finish up all orders before I leave for the conference. If you have been putting off ordering, now is your chance!

If you are going to be at the conference and were wanting to order a planner, email me (tanya@levelandlace.com) for a free shipping discount code and I'll bring your planner with me to the conference!

Thank you so much to those that have supported me along way! Maybe you just wanted a planner, but what you didn't know is that this trip wouldn't have been possible without you! Thank you!!

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