Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A crime against dressers

Ever since things took off in my shop I've been in dire need of an office makeover/ finish unpacking/ organization. So this past weekend Alex and I did as much work as we could on that front. Starting with adding some sort of storage for all my stuff.

About two years ago we picked up this beautiful *sarcasm* dresser at a garage sale. I'm pretty sure these people thought they were never ever going to sell this thing, but alas Alex and I came to their rescue. They practically paid us to take it it was so cheap.

Who ever stained this thing yellow and blueish-green should have their decorating privileges revoked. This is just a home decor sin. Anyways, underneath all that ugliness I knew I saw a true beauty (as well as a sturdy good quality dresser).

Can we just talk for a second about how hard it is to find a quality dresser these days? Even if you find a really good looking new dresser it often isn't made out of real wood and even more often it has those horrible cardboard/paper bottoms that fall out the second you put anything in them. This dresser didn't have that. It had real wood drawer bottoms that are reinforced underneath. I knew I couldn't get a dresser of this quality for the price anywhere.

Anyways, lets get on to my favorite part, which is the after pictures.

I love the stripes. I love that they are soft and subtle, but definitely still there. I'm still working on organizing the other half of my office, but I can't wait to show you guys how much better it looks. I actually feel like I can get some work done now. Which is actually what I need to head off and do.

Thanks for reading!


  1. It looks fantastic you guys did a great job.

  2. Love! Love! Love! I am looking for dresser inspiration for my childhood dresser (its huge but painted green. Ugh) these stripes are wonderful

  3. you did such a fabulous job. Inspiring. I need to try this :)

  4. It turned out beautiful! I swear, I find my favorite stuff either on the side of the road or at thrift stores. It's amazing what a coat (or 10...) of paint will do!

  5. This is so great! Love it! We have a super old vintage dresser that needs some love and your post was definitely inspiring!

  6. ooh lovely!!! It turned out great! Come fix up some stuff for me at my house, would you? ;)


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