Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Babies in bow ties

On Sunday I went to a baby shower for two of Alex's cousins. They are sisters and one is having a boy and the other a girl. How adorable, right?

If you know me at all you know that I love making handmade gifts. If it isn't hand made I just don't feel like I've actually given anything at all. I'm a gift giver. It's my love language. So when it came to making something for the little babes I had the perfect idea.

The first set of clothes I've ever made go to baby Scarlett and baby Judah. (How cute are those names??) Hopefully they can't tell that I am an amateur sewer.

They also asked me to take some pictures at the shower so I'll be back tomorrow to share those!


  1. Those are the CUTEST baby onesies, I love them:) What a thoughtful gift!

  2. So cute -- you are awesome -- lucky babies! {love those names, too!}

  3. the bow ties are AWESOME! so adorable!


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