Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I knew this was going to happen...

I knew it...
As soon as I decide to commit to some kind of weekly posts, I fail.
(ie: the weekly nutrition posts I said I was going to write, and only wrote for one week.)

eek, sorry guys, I failed. But I'll try to do one next week, because this actually is something that gets me excited about blogging again.

Currently, I am stressing a bit. The term just started and I was piled with all these due dates, deadlines, papers, and projects. On top of that, I just decided (this weekend) to double major, and I officially filed for my second major today. Which is totally exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Luckily I basically have a free year to do something with before my Dietetics program starts, so it shouldn't actually be too hard.

In case you are curious (which I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't), my original major was Nutrition/Dietetics and my second major will be Public Health. I suppose this makes me feel a little bit better about taking a bazillion years off of school, and not graduating until I'm 29! At least I will have 2 bachelors degrees to show for it (God willing).

Now I am off to fill in my planner.
You are welcome to call me a nerd.

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