Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Frustration | new stuff

I'm still alive.

I'm trying to switch over to wordpress and in the process I am making quite a bit of changes to this blog. It might not even exist after this process is over... ok I already know it isn't going to exist. But there is something new coming! Or somewhat new, you'll see when it is all up and running!

In the meantime I am about to rip my hair out with all the stupid things I need to do to transfer over. (Word of advise, don't purchase your domain through blogger, if you ever decide you want to transfer it will just be a really big headache!) It is going to take me awhile, and I think from now until the new site is complete there will probably be silence over here. But what else is new?

And with this new change I've decided that this new site must be a success, because I have now invested a lot of time and a significant amount of money in this stupid thing. How is that for motivation to get your blogging butt in gear?

I'm excited for something new, fresh and different!

For those of you that have stuck around with me during this time, thank you! I really appreciate the continued support, even though I have been a bit flaky. Keep your eye out for my new site sometime around the beginning or mid May!

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