Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I speak computer

Actually I don't. 

Each time I want to make some changes to my blog I learn a little bit more about HTML editing. It is quite the headache, but I'm determined to avoid paying someone to design my blog until this blog can pay for itself (that may never happen).

I spent a good portion of last night avoiding studying chemistry making that beautiful banner up there. I know adding a picture as a header is easy, but this was all done using HTML (even the page buttons!). I'm basically beaming right now. Yep, I did all that on my own. Yep, it doesn't look complicated. Yes, sadly, it took me about 2 hours to create it and learn how to add it to my blog. (give or take a few hours trying, unsuccessfully, to learn how to do some other editing stuff).

Eventually I will be an editing genius... It just might take me another 15 years.

PS. I'm considering switching to wordpress... I've heard that this gives you more control over customizing your settings. And since GFC is going away I figured this might be as good a time as any. Does anyone have experience with the two and can give me some advice?

PSS. Clearly this picture was taken a long time ago and has nothing to do with this post. I haven't taken the time to take any new pictures lately.

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