Friday, March 15, 2013

Blogging about blogging | and recent iphone pics

I was just reading through some of my past blogs and realized that I miss this place. For awhile I've thought, eh I'm kind of bored with blogging. I was having a little pity party and thought my blog sucks, I have nothing good to share, I'm a terrible writer, I don't even like reading my own posts.
I know, those are all super terrible negative thoughts. I don't like to admit I think things like that, but I just have to be real (obviously, that is my number one motto in life).

But then I was looking through my blog today and thought, hey I like sharing these things. I like looking back and reading the words I had to say at different times in my life. I miss writing things that someone somewhere might like to hear. And heck, I really miss my blog friends. I know when one of you stops blogging for awhile I wonder what is going on in your lives and I religiously check to see if you have updated your blog. Ok not like every day, but whenever I think of it, or whenever I'm out reading blogs.

So I think I might be back for a little while. We shall see.

I'm sharing some of my recent iphone photos. Most of these pictures are of me because, well, I'm with myself most of the time.

1. Shameless selfie
2. Notes I find on mirrors around campus
3. My baby sunflower I got after finishing an experiment in Bio
4. A monday.
5. Before getting my hair done
6. After. (almost the same, minus the grays and dead ends)

Hopefully you guys will see me again soon.

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