Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bigger and better things

I haven't been blogging about any of my project lately, but don't worry there are definitely some coming in the near future. Our dining room table is finally finished. It has been a long process, and my advise to others is to avoid building projects in an apartment unless you have a good amount of covered outdoor space. To remedy that, we went out and got ourselves a garage. Meaning, we moved! We are so excited about our new home. Here is a sneak peak...

I'm loving all the natural light that this place gets! All of the walls are white, which is fine with me. After living with our off white walls and horrible lighting this feels like a breath of fresh air. We will be building a new headboard soon and the one we are using currently will be going in our soon to be guest bedroom/ my "office." I'm finally going to get a chance to work on some of the things I love. :)

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