Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's your choice


At one point in my life or another I have felt stuck. Caught it a rut. Whatever expression you would like to use to say that my life had gotten stagnent in a place I didn't like.

When you are in that spot I think it's easy to be resentful of all of our circumstances.
If only I had finished college I wouldn't be stuck in this crappy job. 
If only I had a different manager. 
If only I hadn't gotten pregnant so young.
If only my parents cared about my education.
If only I had more friends.
If only I made more money.
If only I was skinnier.

This can go on for a long time, meanwhile nothing in life is changing. I know this phase all too well. I've hated my job before. I've lacked money before (who hasn't?). I've not liked what my life looks like sometimes. And the easiest thing to do is blame that on someone or something else. If only that thing would change, then I would be happy.

Well, I'm going to share with you some valuable advice today. Something that I've had to learn on my own over the last year.

If you want something to change, then do something to change it.

I know. There are obstacles. But unless you get off your rump and do something about it things will continue to stand in your way.

If you don't like your job, find a new one.
If you want to lose weight, then make healthy food and exercise choices.
If you don't know how, then get help.
If you are depressed see a counselor.
If your marriage is falling apart, talk to your spouse about it and figure out what you need to do to make it better.

Don't be afraid to get help.

I'm tired tired tired of people telling me all of their issues and then doing nothing about them. I'm tired of classmates complaining that they don't get the material in class and refusing to go to talk to the teacher about it. I'm tired of hearing the complaints coming out of my own mouth. If you (we, I) can't do it alone, then DON'T, get help.

You are always going to encounter some "Negative Nancy's". But sometimes you have to open your eyes and realize that maybe you are one too! So knock it off! You are bringing everyone else down too.

I'm sorry if I am being brutal, but I think sometimes we need to hear the hard things. And honestly I'm coming from a place where I've just had to look really hard at myself and learn all of these things.

A year ago I was in a very different situation. I wasn't happy with the direction my life was headed in. I saw no end in sight. I had no idea how I was going to dig myself out of my own hole. And I finally realized that I just had to do it one step at a time. Regardless of how painful it might be, what I might not like about it.

And now, I'm in a good place, and I constantly have to remind myself that I am in control of my own future. It can really suck or it can be awesome, but it's up to me.

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